AFK Arena Tier List with Best Heroes

Since you are looking for the AFK Arena Tier List, it is imperative that you playing the game for free like most of the other players. When playing this game it is important to determine which heroes you want in your team.

The importance of having the correct heroes in your team lies in the fact that you simply cannot afford to waste the limited resources that you have in this game. Thus, you don’t want to have heroes that you won’t use in the long run.

To make your job easier so that you are able to choose the best heroes for yourself, here is the complete AFK Arena Tier List that puts every hero in each class, in a comprehensive list so that you can have a clear idea and you can choose the ultimate winning team for yourself.

In this list you are going to find the best tanks, support, warrior rangers, and mage heroes, all arranged according to their ranks so that you can build the best possible team.

Before I go on to the actual listing, let me put it in your knowledge that I shall be updating this list on a regular basis so that you can always get back when you have enough balance to pick another hero.

AFK Arena Heroes


So, without much ado, here are the lists according the various categories mentioned above:


Who is a Mage?

In AFK arena, a Mage refers to a hero who is fortunate enough to have receieved Dura’s blessing. One of the most critical edges that they have is that they possess the ability to utilize spells in a number of ways to either damage or hinder their competitors.

SAinz Ooal Gown, Flora, Khazard, Mehira, Safiya, Zaphrael
ALorsan, Oden, Pippa, Skriath
BBelinda, Satrana, Shemira, Solise


Who are Rangers?

In AFK Arena, a hero classified as a ranger is the one who has been blesses with Dura’s celerity. These ranges are nimble and fast and attack their opponents from a distance. It goes without saying that they are lethal as assassins.

SAthalia, Eironn, Ezio, Ferael, Gwyneth, Lucretia, Lyca, Nakoruru
ADrez, Fawkes, Joker, Kelthur, Kren, Respen, Tidus
BKaz, Theowyn, Vurk
DOscar, Thane


Who is Support Heroes?

There are many support heroes in AFK Arena and they may serve as a squad’s healers, buffers, or even crowd controllers.

SElijah and Lailah, Ezizh, Mortas, Rosaline, Rowan, Talene, Tasi
ANemora, Numisu, Silas


What do tank heroes do?

There are many tank heroes in AFK Arena and it gets a bit difficult to chose a few for your team. Even though they do not inflict any major damage to the enemy team, they play a crucial role by keeping damagers and supports survive by dealing with most of the damage that opponents do to your team.

SAlbedo, Arthur, Daimon, Mezoth, Orthros, Skreg, Thoran
AGorvo, Grezhul, Hendrik
BAnoki, Brutus, Lucius, Torne


Who are warriors?

These are melee fighters and they happen to be the first basic characters that a player receives in AFK arena.

SAlna, Izold, Nara, Saurus, Wu Kong, Zolrath
AQueen, Warek
BEstrilda, Khasos
CAntandra, Baden, Rigby, Ukyo


So, here’s the complete list of heroes under various categories. So, take your pick and play the best game ever!

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