Another Eden Tier List – Updated List with Gears & Types

Looking for the complete Another Eden Tier List?

Your search ends here. You will find a complete list of all heroes in Another Eden in this list along with their ratings so that you can choose the best ones.

But before that, here’s some more on Another Eden…

Another Eden is one of the most popular free games that is enjoyed by millions across the world. What makes it unique is that it focuses on JRPG elements rather than the gachas. More importantly, this works well in favor of the game because of a well-woven story that goes extremely well with the robust gameplay system.

As if this was not enough, this is a game that comes with a highly colorful cast of characters that are not just appealing but also have highly exciting skills and traits to make the game even more interesting.

Each and every unit in Another Eden is unique and it is best to optimize your team so that you have the best possible heroes in it to help you get an edge over your competitors. In this Another Eden Heroes List, you will find heroes listed from strongest to the weakest.

Another Eden Tier List

At the onset, I would like to clarify that Another Eden tier list has been made with PvE content in consideration. This is because the game is primarily assumed to be a story-driven experience. As you go through the list you will find that a couple of heroes are marked with an AS tag against their name, which stands for “Another Style”. What it implies is that there is a different version of the hero that has slightly tweaked stats and skills.

Moreover, it is important to mention that the following list has 4 and 5-star units in order to have a list of heroes for you that comes with the maximum potential. The aim is to help you succeed in the game with a team that is better than other players.

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Without much ado, here’s Another Eden Tier List, worst & best heroes of the game:


S Tier

These Another Eden characters are the best or most powerful heroes in the game. These are the heroes that come with amazingly powerful stats growth and possess outstanding skills for all situations.

Nikeh (AS)WaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Cerrine (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
RadiasFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
KikyoWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
TiramisuEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Nagi (AS)EarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
CynthiaWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Mighty (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MyunfaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
BiakaWindHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Azami (AS)WindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
ManaNullBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
DeirdreEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
HardyFireFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
MarielWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Renri (AS)FireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
ElgaEarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Akane (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
MyrusEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Lokido (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
Yuna (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
HismenaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Shanie (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
EwanFireHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Anabel (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
YunaWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Shannon (AS)WindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ClaudeWindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
ShannonWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Myrus (AS)EarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MelinaWaterHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
DeweyWaterFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
Laclair (AS)WaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
FelminaWindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
BertrandEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star

A Tier

A tier heroes

Just below the S-Tier is the A-tier. Heroes in this list are slightly weaker than those in their tier above it. Having said that, there’s no way you can undermine the importance of these heroes since they are also highly skilled and proven to an amazing asset. As a matter of fact, some of these heroes outperform some of those in the S-tier, when they are used correctly.

Veina (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Suzette (AS)WindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ZeviroWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
SuzetteWindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
YiphaWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
PremayaEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Claude (AS)WindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
DunarithWindStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
RenriFireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
TsukihaFireKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
ShanieWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Melina (AS)WaterHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Felmina (AS)WindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
IsukaWindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
SophiaWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
GuildnaFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
LokidoEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
MightyWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Shion (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Mariel (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
BivetteFireStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
ShionFireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
CetieFireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
NagiEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Amy (AS)WindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
AnabelWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ShigureWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
TsubameEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LaclairWaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Cetie (AS)FireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MorganaWindSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
LovelyFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
RosettaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star


B Tier in Another Edent

After A-Tier comes with B-Tier. Even though these heroes do not come with extra powers they are still good and useful for your team. These include the following:

Isuka (AS)WindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
RadicaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
AltenaNullBow, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Saki (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
PhiloWaterAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
AldoFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
CyrusWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Toova (AS)EarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
IluluWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
HozukiFireBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Elga (AS)EarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
VeinaWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
CielEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
ToovaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
JokerFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Ruina (AS)WindSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
StrawboyNullFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LeviaWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star


C Tier in Another Eden

Next in the list come the C-Tier characters. Anyone can make out that these are less skilled and competent as compared to those in the tiers above them but could be the best 4 stars characters in Another Eden. Heroes in this list are average to slightly weak but they can be really useful under certain circumstances.

Here’s the complete C-Tier list:

FeinneNullStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
MiyuFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
NopaewWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
KrervoNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
ChiyoEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
ErinaNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
RiicaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
SoiraWindLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
PraiNullHammer, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
SakiWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
PomNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
BriaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
HelenaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
GalliardEarthLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star


D Tier Heroes in Another Eden

These heroes are to be used when you do not have any option left.

NikehWaterKatana, RingLuring Shadow4-star
ParisaFireBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
CerrineEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LeleWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
SheilaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
AkaneFireKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
AmyWindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
AzamiWindKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
RavenEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
SevynWindStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
MirandaFireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
NeroWaterFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
NonoldNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
BreenoEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
RuinaWindSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star


F Tier Heroes in Another Eden

These are the worst heroes of the entire lot. As soon as you get the chance, you must replace them with those that are more useful.

DennyWaterAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
DarunisWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
RovellaWaterBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
NomarWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
SamoraFireHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
YazukiWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
YioEarthAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LingliFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LoviniaWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
ForanWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
RufusFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
MyronEarthSword, BangleGuiding Light4-star
OtohaEarthKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
CyucaWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
Good MackyWindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
ZilvaEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
BenedictWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
KomachiEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
JadeFireLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star


So, here’s the complete list of heroes that you will find highly useful when arranging the team in Another Eden (the game developed by WFS).

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