Slotomania Best Machine – Complete Review

Slot machine games are the best source of having fun for many people around the world. If you love playing slot games then Slotomania is what you should have a look at.

Slotomania comes with a large stock of slot machine games. As a matter of fact, there are more than 160 slot games for you to choose from and enjoy. The best part is that all these games come with a whole lot of bonuses, rewards, and other interesting features that make these games even more interesting to play.

Slotomania comprises a massive Facebook community that enjoys slot casino games in an online setting. In most of these games, you spin slots and earn free slotomania coins which increase your chances of winning the game.

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So, without much ado, here are the best 5 slow machines that are all available online and can help you enjoy the slot games even more:

List of Best Slot Machines:

  1. Magic Trixie Slot Machine
  2. Goddess of Babylon Slot Machine
  3. Wild Pixies Slot Machine
  4. Mermaid Money Slot Machine
  5. Kiss of Vampire Slot Machine

Best Slot Machines Reviews

Let’s find out what makes each of these slot machines fun to play with and why they are so preferred by players around the world…

1. Magic Trixie Slot Machine

Magic Trixie is the hottest slot machine game in Vegas. It’s not for nothing that it is often referred to as the ultimate in slot machine games. This is a game that involves paying wilds, free spins, secret stacks, etc. The game almost never exhausts of its bag of tricks which is what makes it so interesting and appealing to players around the world.

As soon as you have 80 free spins you can prepare yourself for many big wins that might be coming your way. One of the most interesting features of the game is that with every magic symbol revealing in the game, you get a chance to win a secret stack.

What makes things even more exciting is that as soon as you collect five or more Trixie scatters you can turn them into Sticky Wilds during your free spins. This is when the real Trixie Magic happens.

What are the rules of the game?

Well, it’s a pretty straightforward game.

Each win that you get is multiplied by per-line bet. In order to win on each of the paylines in the game, you have to be the highest scorer among all players. You get to start from the leftmost reel and go from left to right.

It is as simple as that.

So, go ahead, try your luck and enjoy this game!

2. Goddess of Babylon Slot Machine

This is another exciting Slot Machine game and is nothing short of an extensive adventure. I am sure this is a game unlike any other you might have played till now.

This game takes you to ancient times to find the hidden treasure of the Babylonian Goddess.

In this game, you can have fun with its 50 lines, 12 reels with and exciting will Reels that win you a whole lot of free spins.

In this game too, all your wins get multiplied by the line bet and in order to get paid on each payline, you have to score the highest.

Goddess of Babylon is a fantastic game and you get to experience the real excitement only when you play it.

3. Wild Pixies Slot Machine

Wild Pixies, as the names suggest, is where things get really wild and exciting, of course.

It happens to be one of the most popular games in Slotomania. Once you get into this game, you are taken to the wild and magical realm of this free and amazingly exciting slot machine game. This is one game that comes with amazingly enchanting visuals as well as great rewards for each and every player.

Once you embark on your journey, you find it full of pleasure and surprises. This is a game that has 20 reels and up to 50 lines. Besides this, it has a Magic Forest bonus, Super Stacked symbols, Sticky Stacks Free spins, and what not.

And the real fun begins when you line up all Wild Pixies on Reel 5. This is when the Rainbow Pixie appears and the real magic unfolds.

You get to choose level X and you enjoy unique graphics with unparalleled and beautiful visuals with out of this world colors.

4. Mermaid Money Slot Machine

This one is for those that are in love with mermaids!

I am sure you must have seen The Little Mermaid as a kid and here’s a game that brings back mermaid to life, at least on screen.

Mermaid Slot Machine brings together the fancy character of a mermaid and the fun of a slot machine game so that you can have one of the most enjoyable experiences within the world of gaming.

You get to see experience amazing adventures under the sea, which is what makes this game highly exciting.

To make things even more exciting, there are Free Spin bonuses and a Wild bonus so that you can go on playing this game for hours at stretch. And to make things even better, there’s an Angry Octopus free spin bonus.

Go ahead and give this game a try. You will love it!

5. Kiss of the Vampire Slot Machine

If you are someone who enjoys goosebumps while watching horror stuff, Kiss of Vampire is the slot machine game that you will simply love.

I am sure you must have already made out by now that you have to resist and avoid the Kiss of the Vampire to move ahead in this game.

This is a unique Slot Machine game that combines thrill and action with free spins to ensure that the player gets to enjoy the next level of excitement.


Slot Machine games are a massive hit with players and there’s no reason why they should not. The games listed above are indisputably the most played ones.

So go ahead, and try all of them. Trust me, you will simply love them!

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  1. These games on Slotomania are not free they suck you in and soon you buying more and more they are like real slot machines except you can never cash out and take your winnings out and go home and spend your money on real needs.the games and stories in the game are fun but they are not Free, not if you want to compete or a chance to stay in the game..

  2. Today i had exchange my card from the wheel and i had received coin n ballinko , while playing for my ballinko .., my ball dropped in a 57b , and other in a 2b plus and the last is 900 plus milliion .. but i only received 900 plus million.. pls look ..


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