Coin Master Village Cost & Level List 2021 UPDATED

Before I list Coin Master master village cost I would like to mention that Coin Master is a game with villages also known as levels and each of these villages requires a lot of coins to build. What makes the game harder as you advance to higher levels is that you need more and more coins to build villages as you move up the level.

Even though there are many villages, the latest addition to this list is the village known as Barn Life and it stands at the 343rd level in the game. The cost of this latest village is 5990 billion coins. Furthermore, I would like to mention here that new villages are being added to this game from time to time and I shall be updating this list of villages from time to time as and when new additions are being made to it.

The first village in the game is known as Land of Vikings and it happens to be the cheapest in terms of cost. You need 3.1 million coins to build this village and the second village in the game is Ancient Egypt which costs 5.2 million coins.

By the time, you reach the 33rd village in the game, the cost crosses the benchmark of 100 million coins. This village is called the Coin Manner and it costs 108.9 million coins.

By the time you reach this level in the game, you can easily deduce that the cost of villages further in the game would easily cross a billion and coins and this happens when you reach the 75th village in the game called Unicorn.

How to Find out the Cost of a Village in Coin Master

I’ll tell you of a simple method that can help you know the price of a village in Coin Master. Even though it is not exact, it can give you a really close figure.

All you have to do is check out the cost of the first star on the last line in any village and multiply it by 30. For instance, the 192nd village in the game is Basketball and at the bottom of the screen you can see five stars. If you check out the cost of the first star, it will show as 2,786,680. Now, multiply this number by 30 and you arrive at 83.6 billion. This is the number of coins that you need to build this village.

You can use the same method to find out the cost of other villages in the game.

It goes without saying that you need lots and lots of coins to build villages in this game. Playing events or conducting big raids can help you get a good haul of coins. So, go ahead and try to clear your hand at this. With some practice, I am sure you would start building villages easily.

Coin Master Village Cost & Level list

This is the list of all the levels along with coin master village cost

Build Villages During Village Master or Village Mania

As you have already seen, villages in Coin Master come with exorbitant costs. However, there are certain options in the game wherein you can build them at a lower price.

One of the best ways to build villages is during a village event and two of the main events that take place in the game include:

  • Village Master
  • Village Mania

Village Master – During this event, you get free spins, coins, and XP when you complete your village during this event.

Village Mania – During this event, you get a discount on certain village items to that you can cut down your cost of building the village.

Using either one of these events can help you build your village with fewer coins and taking part in both the events further reduces the cost. In such a case, you not only get a maximum discount but are also likely to get a lot of free rewards.

How to Avoid Extra Village Price?

Coin Master is a game that involves building villages and an important part of the game is either attacking other players or protecting yourself from other attacks. However, it is inevitable that you will be attacked by other players while building your villages.

Now, you do have a couple of shields to protect yourself from these attacks and they could range from 3 to 5 depending upon the village you are in. The unfortunate part is that these shields will not last forever and their protection happens to be limited. In case, your shields are exhausted and you don’t have the rhino activated then an attack is going to damage your village items. What it means is that you will have to buy them again and that would cost you a lot of coins.

It’s important to note that after the first attack you will need to pay half the amount of actual cost of the items but you have to pay the full price after any subsequent attacks. Thus, if you build your village in just one go, you will not be attacked and this will also keep the cost the mare minimum. Having said that, it would require you a lot of coins. and thus, you must try to become a master of big raids so that you can accumulate a large stash of coins.

Village Costs FAQ’s

Is it possible to get a discount on Coin Master Village Cost?

Generally, NO!

You will have to pay the full price to build your village and there is no discount.

Having said that, there are a couple of events during which you can get a discount. Village Mania is precisely such an event that you should take part it.

Now, there are two kinds of Village Mania events.

  • In the first kind of event, you get a 20% discount on all times in the village.
  • In the second kind of event, you get a whopping 65% discount on the last two items which happen to be the most expensive items in the village.

if you attend both these events then you can save well up to 35% of the total village cost.

What is the Golden Age?

Golden Age is a once-a-year event that takes place in Coin Master and during this event, you can get up to 20% discount on all items. Thus, you must participate in this event.

Should I Build Villages During Village Master?

Village Master is another that can help you build your village at a lower cost. This is an event in which you can get a lot of free spins, coins, and XP and thus, you must participate in it and it is a good time to build your village.

Is it OK to buy a Chest after I complete a Village?

Getting cards is important in this game and chests are the only source of these cards. Thus, you must buy a chest after you complete the village. It will definitely push the cost high but it will enable you to get even the rare cards that are contained in the chests at different levels.

How many villages does Coin Master have?

As of January 2021, Coin Master has 304 villages and there is a high possibility that the number can increase further with ongoing updates. The cost of 304th village is well over 2.5 trillion coins and that sure is a huge number!

Why are villages in Coin Master so expensive?

As you advance in the game, you need more and more coins to build villages and the number gets exorbitantly high after village 100 in this game. One of the main reasons is the Coin Master intends you to spend real money to buy spins. However, you can still manage to play the game for free if you adopt the right tactics.

Last Updated on July 27, 2021

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