Coin Master Free Spins & Coins [Links Daily Update May 2024]

Looking for coin master free spins?

Trust me, you are not the only one who wants to play coin master day in and day out. The game itself is highly addictive and you seem to be running short of spins all the time. What most players find frustrating is that as little as 30 spins can set you back by $1.99 if you are in the US and by £1.99 if you are in the UK.

In such a case, it is but obvious that you look for ways to get free spins and that too on a daily basis so that you can enjoy the thrill of playing this amazing game.

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How to Get Coin Master Free Spins

The best part is that there are a couple of ways through which you can get more Coin Master Free Spins today, without shelling out cash from your wallet or without charging your credit card so that you can keep enjoying this game for weeks and months or as long as you like.

Moreover, most of such methods are easy to pull off and you don’t have to go through complicated processes to get those highly-desirable free spins.

So, without much ado, here are some of the best ways to get more free spins and c

1. Invite Facebook Friends

I know you love Facebook. Everybody does!

Now, here’s one more reason to love this platform.

Every time you are short of spins, invite a friend on Facebook to play the game and each time a friend of yours accepts your invite, downloads the game, and opens it, you get 40 spins for absolutely free.

Now, just imagine this…

  • 10 friends could help you get 400 free spins
  • 100 friends could help you get 4000 free spins
  • 500 friends could help you get 20,000 free spins

So on and so forth!

Your free spins could simply add up.

What you need to keep in mind is that it is best for you to keep playing with these spins and with your friends who have accepted the invite.

2. Request Spins as Gift – Coin Master Gifts

Now, that your friends have joined you, you have yet another way to get free spins. You and your friends can gift spins to each other and every day you can gift and receive 100 spins this way.

What to do if you don’t have many Facebook friends?

The only problem is that not all your Facebook friends might be willing to play and accept your invite. So how do you deal with this situation?

One of the best ways to head over an official Reddit community or Facebook community of dedicated Coin Master lovers. At such communities, you will find many people willing to play the game with you and they would also be willing to send and receive free spins and coin master gifts.

3. How about watching some video ads?

Now, here’s another way to get some more free spins.

All you have to do is watch a few video ads and you could be richer by a couple of Coin Master free spins every day.

But, how do you do that?

All you have to do is just scroll to the slot machine and tap and on the spin energy button at the bottom right. Now, there’s a possibility that you might not find it on certain days and that happens when you have run out of all your free spins. So, you have to wait for it to appear the next day and then you can tap it to get a few more free spins.

4. Sign Up for Email Gifts and Promo Codes

This is yet another great way to get your daily dose of spins that are absolutely free. Just sign up for the email gifts and it is highly likely to you will get a couple of free spins in your inbox every day. All you need to do is just follow the link in your mail.

5. Spin

Now, this seems to be getting better and better!

You can actually get more free spins by doing what you love – spinning!

The deal is that you will get a whole lot of free spins if you get 3 spin energy symbols in a row.  Try to get a couple of them and you won’t be out of spins for quite some time.

Level up Village

6. Levelling Up Your Village is a Good Idea

Now, this might not be an easy and cheap step but every time you level up your village you are likely to get a steady supply of Coin Master free spins. However, you might have to spend a lot of spins to buy gold so that you can purchase new buildings, improve them, and make new improvements.

But that’s what the game is all about, isn’t it?

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7. Participating in Events

Events at Coin Master is another place where you can sure win a whole lot of free spins. There are so many events happening in Coin Master and you should be participating in them if you want to up your supply for free coins.

In order to check out events, go to the Slot Machine and check out the top right of the screen for a button with three lines on it (such buttons are for events). All you have to do is just tap one of such buttons to get the event details and how can be a part of it.

8. Wait

Now, this is a simple strategy based on the fact that you get five free spins every single hour and by waiting for 10 hours you simply accumulate 50 spins. Its important to note that you do not get any more spins added to your account after the stipulated 10 hours. So, getting back and playing with these 50 free spins is always a good idea.

Once you are done with that you may wait for another 10 hours to get your built-up of 50 more spins.

What is Coin Master?

This is a game that is a lethal combination of a base-building strategy game and a slot machine.

The game itself is rather simple…

All you have to do is spin the Slots machine to perform an action. In this game, you can earn coins., attack the bases of other player’s as well as raid their stashes. Not just this, you also get shields that help you protect from the attack of other players. In the process, you gain coins that you can use to build as well as upgrade your base.

All in all, the game is quite simple and you should pick it up quickly. Having said that, you will still require to play it many times over to improve your expertise as a player and emerge as a Coin Master!

Here are some more details about the game:

The Essentials

The game, Coin Master begins with a short tutorial explaining how it should be played. Once the video is over, you can start playing the game. Even though is it more than enough to get you started, I have listed below some essentials that will help you ace the game quickly so that you can become a real winner.

As the name suggests, Coin Master, is a game that evolves around earning and spending coins and there are three basic ways of earning coins which include the following:

  • First and foremost, you can win coins from the Slot machine.
  • Secondly, you win coins when you attack the bases of other players.
  • Finally, you win coins when you raid the bases of other players.

What you need to keep in mind is that in order to perform one of these actions, it is important that you spin the Slot machine once.

The Slots Machine

It would not be wrong to say that the Slots Machine is the epicenter of the game. This is where all the action takes place and as a player, this is where you are going to spend most of your time.

How to get to the Slots Machine?

Once you open the fame, go to the in-game menu and select it or you can also get to the Slots Machine by swiping down from the Village view.

Just below the Slots Machine, you can check out the number of spins available to you and it goes without saying that every time you spin the machine this number reduces by one. As stated above, when you run out of spins, you have to wait for some time to get more spins.

It’s important to point out here that the Slots Machine has four reels with 4 unique symbols and if you manage to get four of the same symbols in a row, you can immediately perform that action.

Which are these four symbols?

Well, these symbols include a bag of Coin, a hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin castle.

What are the awards associated with each of these symbols?

Here you go…

Bag of CoinsGet More Coins
HammerRaid a Village (Get coins by attacking another player’s village)
Pig BanditRaid Current Coin Master
ShieldProtect Your Village (Lose fewer coins when you are attacked)
Energy CapsuleThis indicates 10 FREE Spins

The Bag of Coins – Anyone can make this out easily. The bag of coins is where a stack of coins lies and with every bag of coins, you get a steady supply of coins, which you can use to get spins.

When you get an entire row of bags, you get a bigger stock of coins so that you can get even more spins.

The Hammer (for Attack) – If there’s one character that can symbolize a hammer it is Thor. And Thor’s hammer is actually what you are rewarded with when you get an entire row of hammers and you can use it to attack another player’s base.

Now, there could be two scenarios here – If you have linked your Facebook account to Coin Master, then you get the option to choose a friend’s base to attack otherwise, the game itself is going to pick up a random player. Either way, you get to attack another player’s village.

In either case, the player’s village will appear on your screen and you get the option to attack any of the buildings. Once you do so, you get a Coin reward and the player that is attacked loses a star level attached to the building.

The Pig Bandit – Raid

Now, this is a symbol of a pig wearing the mask of a bandit and if you get four of these in a row, you are allowed to perform a raid right there and then.

However, in this case, you do not get the option to choose whom to raid. The name of the Coin Master that you must attack appears on your screen just above the Slots Machine.

You do not have the option of attacking a building here but what you get is three shovels that you can use to dig holes. You are also shown a couple of places to dig with these places marked as X. You are supposed to pick up three of such X’s to dig holes and some of them are likely to contain an abundant supply of Coins. These coins are directly reduced from the victim’s stash of coins and added to your account.

The Shield – Your Defence

No prizes for guessing that the shield is for your defense!

The purpose of Shield is to protect your base from attacks. In this game, you can have up to three shields at any one time. What it means is that you are protected from three attacks. What it also means is that if you have a shield and another player attackers your buildings, your buildings will be protected and you won’t lose your star rating.

Similarly, if you attack someone else’s building and he has a shield, then he won’t lose his star ratings. At the same time, you would still manage to gain 50,000 coins. It’s important to note that here that you are likely to gain a whole lot more coins if another player does not have a shield and you happen to attack one of his buildings.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that the shield does not protect you from raids.


Betting is another plus that you tend to gain as you accumulate a large number of spins. In such a case, you can simply increase your Bet. What happens when you increase your bet is that every time you spin the Slots Machine, you spend multiple spins but you also increase your chances of winning big. Betting is a simple and easy way to multiply your rewards that you earn from the Slots Machine.

Village Building

In any game, there are certain levels that you have to achieve to win big and in Coin Master, Villages serve as levels.

In each village, you are required to construct five buildings to before you can start building the next, or proceed to the next level. Now, constructing each building requires coins and you are also required to upgrade all your buildings to the 5-star level before you can reach the next level. Now, this again requires a lot of coins and it becomes more and more expensive as your advance in the game, reaching one village after the other.

Currently, there are 316 villages in the game and each one of these has its own unique theme. It is quite possible that more villages or levels could be added to the game as it gets upgraded.


The term, Revenge, is kind of self-explanatory itself.

The game allows you to even out by attacking a player that has attacked your village previously.

All you need to do is spin the Slots Machine. If you are able to get a full row of hammers, you get the option of attacking another player. Now, you need to look at the screen carefully and right on top, you would find a Revenge option so that you can strike any one of the players that have recently attacked you. As soon as you choose one, you are taken to that person’s village to attack it and complete your revenge.


In this game, you can also purchase chests using your coins and you get Cards as you open up these chests. Now, it’s important to note that there are several themed Card collections and each of these collections comprises 9 cards. When you collect all the nine cards in a collection you tend to get rewarded with a lot of bonuses that might include multiple free spins, a huge number of coins, and even Pets.

As far as Chests are concerned, there are three kinds of these that you can purchase. The more expensive the chest is, the more cards it contains inside it. Moreover, the kind of cards that a chest contains depends upon the level of the village you are in. As you advance to a higher level, you can find Gold cards within the chests. These Gold cards come with special rewards that you do not get with the normal cards.

Not just this, in this game you also have a Card Trading System under which you are allowed to send up to 5 cards to your friends every day. Thus, it is a great idea to be a part of Coin Master forums and communities.


As mentioned above, Chests can be bought with coins. All chests are known to consist of cards that vary in terms of their quality and they can have up to 5-star quality cards. It must be noted that more expensive chests are likely to drop higher quality cards and they are also likely to drop a lower number of low-quality cards.

Thus, if you seek to complete a 1, 2, or 3-star card collection, then you need to look for chests that are of low quality and can be bought with a lesser number of coins.

Apart from cards, such Chests are also likely to drop other rewards and these could include Pet snacks, Pet XP, and bonus spins, etc, and they are simply added to your inventory.

Now, there are different kinds of chests and you can get a Joker Card only in the Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine Chest. It happens to be a rare card that can be transformed into any other card that you want. The best part is that it can even be used as a Gold card. However, it is must be noted that the Joker card comes with a limited lifespan and you need to use it before it expires.

Some of the chests and villages they are available in include the following:

VillageChest Available
Village 3Wooden, Golden, Magical Chests
Village 4Small Lucky Chest
Village 10Small Easter Chest
Village 20Big Easter Chest, Emerald Chest
Village 30Valentine Chest, Big Lucky Chest
Village 70Viking Chest, Saphire Chest
Village 100Fortune Chest
Village 110Ruby Chest
Village 130Epic Chest

Pet Snacks are available only in Mystery Chest and Valentine Chest.


Pets are tiny critters that you find are with you on raids and attacks. Actually, they are quite loyal to you and also provide you will cool bonuses that help you advance in the game and finally become a coin master.

You get pets by accessing the Pet screen through the game’s menu or by tapping the egg beneath the Slots Machine.

Once you activate a pet, it will provide you with certain bonuses for the next 4 hours and after that, it will go to sleep. Once it falls asleep you won’t be able to access the bonuses offered by it for a substantial period of time.

However, you can get a pet back to life again by feeding your pet with certain Treats that you have to buy with real money or take a Spin on the Slots Machine to get a chance to get Treats.

Furthermore, you can increase the effects granted by Pets by giving them XP Potions. By doing so, you actually level them up. Just like Treats, XP Potions also get available with spins on the Slot Machine every now and then.


Tiger is a ferocious animal and in Coin Master, it helps boost the number of coins that you get when you attack another player. As you level it up, the coin boost increases further.


In order to activate Rhino, you have to complete the Creatures Card Collection. Once activated, it helps in blocking enemy attacks along similar lines as that of the Shield. Without leveling it up, a Rhino has a 10% chance of preventing an attack and leveling it up with XO potions further enhances its power to prevent an attack.


Foxy is the animal creature that unlocks at Village 4 and also happens to be the first animal to get unlocked as you advance in the game. It gives you an extra shovel so that you can dig once more and discover a Chest or get more coins.

Useful Tips

Forget About Hoarding Coins

The last thing that you want to do is hoard coins in this game. This is because you are always susceptible to a raid when you have a large stock of coins with you. It makes you a prime target of big Raids by other players and once you are hit you can lose them big time.

The best way is to spend your coins and make a purchase in the game so that you can build your villages.

Big Raids

If you have a lot of Spins at your disposal, then it is a great idea to go for Big Raids. It always better to have Foxy with you on big raids so that you can get an extra dig to collect even more coins.

Buy Chests in Every Village

Even though you do not get any bonuses through individual cards,  a complete card collection fetches you some great bonuses. Thus, you must keep buying chests throughout the game. In every village that you see a chest, you must buy it.

What you need to keep in mind is that getting low-level cards becomes more and more difficult as you advance in the game and there’s nothing worse than using the Joker card to buy a low-level card to complete your collection.

Don’t Waste Your Pet’s Bonuses

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a per has its boosting effects for just four hours after being activated. So, do not activate it until and unless you have four hours to play the game otherwise you tend to lose its bonus and power.


How do you get/increase free spins on Coin Master?

The simplest way to do so is to visit this page everyday since we update it with daily links to free coins.

How many levels are there in coin master?

Each level in this game is called a Village and there are 316 Village in all. In other words, there are 316 levels in this game.

What do stars mean in Coin Master?

Stars are indicative of your rank in the game. You tend to gain more stars by building more villages and your card collections.

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