Sims 3 Challenges: Rules, Facts, & More!

In addition to your regular gaming tasks, the Sims 3 challenges have the ability to keep you involved in the game while also allowing you to connect and make friends from all over the globe by accomplishing these easy challenges and earning additional money from them. You can also have a look at the list of Sims 4 Challenges.

Sims 3 Challenges

If you want to spice up the game and make your Sims happy and, not to mention, wealthy, here are some of the Sims 3 challenges that would not let you down.

1. Legacy Challenge

Can you make it through 10-Generations?

A legacy challenge is a popular Sims challenge that has evolved and developed through time. In this challenge, you create a new game with one sim family as the founder. The aim is for your founding family to start from nothing and go through 10-generations of Sims without violating any rules while meeting all of the general requirements.


Among the rules of this challenge are the following:

Legacy Challenge
  • You may utilize custom objects as long as their pricing and mood effects are comparable to similar ‘official’ goods, such as those purchased from the Sim Store and those included with the game.
  • You may use any mod that does not provide you a significant advantage over a player who does not use the mod.
  • Sims are not permitted to ingest life fruit in order to increase their longevity.
  • Sims may be aged up with the birthday cake only when the game gives you a reminder of their upcoming birthday, not before. You do not have to utilize the birthday cake to age up your sims; you can simply wait for the game to do so if you like.
  • There can not be any sims/families incorporated into the Legacy family. If you want to add members, you must do it in-game.

2. Rags to Riches Challenge

The journey from homelessness to luxury living

Your sim has just fled something; it might be home, job, or a terrible relationship; you pick. They arrive in a new town with nothing except a tiny backpack, a hundred dollars, and a sleeping bag or tent. Basically, your sim is homeless, and with such a tiny amount of money, they won’t be able to survive long and will starve to death, therefore they must begin working to avoid this. The goal is to make as much money as possible without having a paid job.


For this challenge, there are only a handful of rules:

  • When your sim arrives in town, move it to an empty lot and buy a tent.
  • Using the family funds sheet, reduce the family income to $100.
  • Your sim can make money in any manner they desire other than through paid employment.
  • No cheats allowed!
  • Your sim can travel wherever you want and obtain whatever food you want, but you can’t go to strangers’ houses and just attempt to take a shower or use their fridge. You must first become friends with them.
  • You cannot live with another Sim, but another Sim can live with you. For example, if you get into a relationship, you can absolutely have your partner move in, and you can also keep their money, but you cannot move in with them.
  • You may build your house when your Sim has enough money and has accumulated enough money via the many activities you engage in, including your hobbies.
  • For this challenge, you can adjust your life duration to anything you choose. You can even turn off aging to complete the entire challenge.

You’ve won the challenge when you’ve finished building your house and have lots of money and food without having a paid job. You’re all done!

3. Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

Can you make it out alive?

Your Sims start with nothing and must survive the apocalypse by being cautious, eating the food they catch and cultivate, and utilizing the furnishings they steal. Your aim is to construct a camp from the ground up without resorting to purchasing anything. You must endure four generations and each generation will have its unique set of challenges, goals, and advantages.

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge


  • You must start with an individual Sim and not a family and that Sim can be any kind of supernatural Sim.
  • There will be no baths or showers until your planner achieves level three.
  • You must leave the lunar cycle at 6 days.
  • There are 20 limitations that must be lifted and 6 that are optional.
  • To finish the challenge, Alien Technology and other Optional Clears do not need to be lifted.
  • Choose a town where you wish to hold this challenge.
  • For the first week, you can purchase 8 fruits from the supermarket every day.
  • When the Sims leave camp, they must remain together.
  • The goal of this challenge is to survive and raise the next generation in the midst of the apocalypse while teaching them how to survive as well. You must not let anyone die in this challenge if humanity is to survive against the zombies.

4. Runaway Teen Challenge

Are you a brave teen who is also hopeful?

Rebellious teenagers who live with controlling parents are more likely to choose the choice of starting a new life after fleeing from home, and so it is with this challenge, in which your Sim is a teen runaway who has moved to a new town to start a new life. Also, check out the system requirements for sims 4.


  • You cannot construct any form of shelter for yourself unless you have acquired the necessary simoleans. You must begin the challenge with $0 in your account.
  • You can’t have any devices, appliances, or mobile phone access until you have a place to live. Your living space must have at least one kitchen, one bathroom, and one bedroom.
  • You can shower and use the restroom in any public facility, such as a gym.
  • You cannot cook, shower, etc on other people’s lots or contact with adults until you are a young adult.
  • You may fish, grow, and dig as much as you like and sell it.
  • Using the money cheat, you deduct $10 simoleons from your cash each time you travel.
  • You are unable to attend classes. Every day, you must cancel your attendance at school. This has no effect on traits.

The purpose of this challenge, like all others, is to survive and you will succeed in this challenge when you are old and living a decent life, with the perfect house, family, and so on.

5. Cinderella Challenge

Living a Cinderella Life

Cinderella was an Ames who lived with her terrible stepmother and her two daughters. Cinderella is made responsible for all home cleaning and cooking after her father’s death, and she is not permitted to utilize any of their possessions. The goal of this task is to guide Cinderella through the stages of life, specifically childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. You have the option of playing two more stages.
Each stage has its own goal.


  • To complete childhood with at least an A average in school.
  • Develop as many skills as you can.

Teen years:

  • To meet your fairy godmother and become best friends with her
  • Maintain at least an A average in school


To meet Cinderella’s Prince Charming, fall in love with him, and move out.

Cinderella Challenge

The Cinderella challenge requires you to replicate the story of Cinderella in your gaming.


  • No cheating for Cinderella.
  • Cinderella cannot have any aspiration rewards.
  • There’s no extra money except from Cinderella’s daily pay of five simoleons. You’ll need to keep track of how much money she has during the challenge so you know how much she can spend.
  • There is no limit to the amount of money available to the stepmother and stepsisters. You are free to motherload as much as you want on them. Just make sure you know how much of it is Cinderella’s.
  • The stepmother and stepsister are free to utilize whatever aspiration points they created.
  • The cost of the little section or home, as well as all of Cinderella’s garden things, cannot exceed $10,000.
  • Cinderella may formally invite people over once she has become friends with them. She and her visitors must remain in her section of the house.

It would be best if Cinderella were raised from childhood to adulthood while struggling with her terrible family on a daily basis. When she grows up, she must meet and marry her Prince Charming, which marks the completion of this challenge.

6. The Hunger Games Challenge

Are you ready to risk your life?

This challenge is based on the original Hunger Games.


  • Cheat your money back up to somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 after purchasing the lot and constructing your arena. Your sims will have 12 hours to buy/collect as many seeds or fruits as possible before returning to the arena.
  • When the 12-hour timer runs out, they must all throw any seeds/fruit/etc they have into the arena. After that, you’ll close the arena gate behind them. Remove the fence from around the Cornucopia after shutting the arena fence.
  • Set the level of free will to high.
  • Death flowers and life fruits are not allowed.
  • You must set the lifetime to either short or normal.
  • The player who picks up or uses a Cornucopia item is the new owner. It should be moved to their own inventory and should not be utilized by any other player.
  • You may not lead your chosen sim to any cornucopia objects. They must make the decision to obtain them on their own.
  • Replace the things in the middle clearing (from the Sim’s inventory they were moved to) if the owner of the cornucopia items dies. They are now again available for purchase.

7. Perfect Genetics Challenge

Will you be fortunate enough, or will it take time?


  • Start with a young adult or an adult and you have to make them have two very important characteristics; some type of unique hair color and same thing for eye color.
  • Give your sim a disliked children trait and then four random traits chosen by the game.
  • You can offer your Sim a house, and you can give them anything from a mansion to whatever house you desire when it comes to housing.

The purpose of this challenge is to live for 10 generations and pass on the same hair color and eye color genes to your kids. This is dependent on your luck. You may get fortunate and obtain those same qualities with your first kid, or you may have to have 6 or 7 children before you discover one with the same hair and eye color, in which case you must do anything you can to keep your sim young till you get the hair and eye combination. Once that is accomplished, you let the original to age and die, and you transmit the torch to the next generation.

8. Asylum Challenge

You Can Do It

The idea of this challenge is that you are being locked inside this asylum and will be confined there with seven other individuals, and you must work your way towards your lifetime goal in order to get out of this prison as soon as possible. You will attempt to keep all of these other individuals alive, but the one catch is that you will have no control over any of them.

There will be an easy level, a medium mode, and a hard mode for this challenge.


Build the asylum on a residential lot and you may utilize money cheats to do so.

For Easy Mode:

  • The other seven Sims are inaccessible to you. They cannot get employment or leave the asylum.
  • You may only leave the asylum to work or look for jobs. You can also go grocery shopping or to the bookstore, but not anywhere else.
  • If somebody dies, their gravestone must be left on the property and the spirit must be allowed to roam freely.
  • You must lower your finances to $1000 once you have done building and furnishing the property. You may accomplish this by buying fish and releasing them into the water.
  • Once the challenge begins, you are not permitted to purchase any product that serves a purpose other than decoration.
  • You must have your free will set to High Free Will and your aging turned on.
  • You cannot reserve stuff for yourself using your inventory.
  • If a patient passes away, no belongings have to be deleted.
  • You can leave the lot at any moment to go fishing or collecting.

For Medium Mode:

  • Only two non-controllable sims are permitted to work, and both must be in the criminal vocation. Your primary sim can work at any job they want.
  • There can be no more than 5 bed places.
  • There can only be 6 seatings in total. Couches, lounges, and chairs are all examples of this.
  • You must begin this challenge with $500 in your funds.
  • You cannot own a computer and a television at the same time.
  • If a sim dies, one seat must be eliminated until just one seat remains.
  • Between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., you may leave the lot to go fishing and collecting.

For Hard Mode:

  • If a sim dies, one bed and one seat must be removed until just one bed and one seat remain.
  • There can be no more than four bed spaces.
  • No more than 4 sitting furniture is allowed.
  • Non-controllable sims are not permitted to work. Your primary sim can only have a job.
  • The game’s starting money for this mode is $100.
  • If a sim dies, one bed and one seat must be discarded until just one bed and one seat remain.
  • Between the hours of 12:00am and 5:00am, you may leave the lot to go fishing or collecting.

To demonstrate that your Sim has what it takes to reintegrate into society, complete a goal established by your Sim’s doctor which is the wish of their lifetime.


What are some challenges in Sims 3?

Rags to Riches Challenge, Zombie Apocalypse Challenge, Haunted Asylum Challenge, Legacy Challenge, and The Victorian Servitude Challenge are some of the many popular challenges in Sims 3.

What is a legacy challenge Sims 3?

A legacy challenge, as the name implies, is a challenge in which you must ensure that your founding family survives for the next ten generations while actively obeying all of the rules. Pinstar invented these legacy challenges.

How do you start the legacy challenge in Sims 3?

Every Sims 3 challenge has its own set of rules that you must follow before beginning a challenge, and you must create a different game file for challenges in order to prevent your legacy family from becoming your Active Household. Start a new game, make a new sim, and your new challenge begins in Create-A-Sim (CAS).


There are many challenges in Sims 3, of which I have just listed a few popular ones, and no matter which challenges you choose to go for, they will add to your enjoyment of the game. So don’t bore your Sims and make their lives more interesting by putting them through various challenges. You have my word on it, it’s going to be fantastic.

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