Top Sims 4 Challenges – Make the Game More Interesting & Challenging!

Challenges are what make your game interesting and this article is all about the best Sims 4 Challenges that can raise the interest quotient to another level. If you are someone who loves all the versions of The Sims, here’s the list of best Sims 3 challenges that you can check too.

List of Best Sims 4 Challenges

Challenges are an excellent way to spice up things in The Sims 4 and some of the best and the most interesting challenges in this game could include the following:

1. Decades Challenge

On top of the list is the Decades Challenge which can be stated as a perfect combination of the Legacy and Off Grid challenges (Find out more on Sims 4 Legacy Challenges by clicking here). What makes it unique or stand apart and perhaps, one of the most interesting challenges is that it involves ten generations and the best part is that each of the generations involved embodies a different decade. In other words, ten generations cover a time span of a century!

Decades Challenge

Most versions of this challenge begin in as late as the 1890s when life was not as easy as it is today. I mean, just imagine living without a regular water supply or electricity!

Not just this, each generation is required to dress in the styles that were prevalent in their particular era. What is even more interesting is that each of such generations is required to build and decorate their homes also according to the time and age they were living in.

I must say that someone the top simmers can get extremely creative when it comes to meeting this challenge in order to live up to the task.

If you are someone who likes history, you will simply love this challenge.

2. Off The Grid Challenge

As the name suggests, Off The Grid Challenge means living without electricity or water supply. It literally means that you are cut from the electricity grid and have your water supply cut off from the municipality.

One of the major benefits of living without water or electricity is that you will have to pay fewer bills but your sims will need to pull to themselves to face a host of challenges that come with living without water or electricity.

Off The Grid Challenge

I must mention here that in order to face these challenges, certain expansion packs can be of great help and these could include Laundry Day, Jungle Adventure, Eco Lifestyle, Island Living, etc.

Though it is not necessary to have these packs in order to survive this challenge, they can certainly make your life much easier.

3. Disney Princess Challenge

This is yet another highly interesting challenge. The Disney Princess Challenge is an alternative to the Legacy Challenge with each generation telling a different story based on a different Disney princess.

Disney Princess Challenge

What makes this challenge interesting is that it comes with amazing storytelling potential. Most simmers are aware of these Disney characters and the challenges that come it can push your limits as a creator. Trust me, you are up for extremely interesting gameplay. Moreover, ten generations mean that you have to be at your wit’s end to provide enough content to complete this challenge.

4. Berry Challenge

The Berry Challenge is yet another take on the Legacy challenge in which every generation comes with a unique color and different personality. For each generation, you need to choose a particular color for the sim’s hair, clothing, skin color, make-up, as well as house decor. Not just this, what makes things even more interesting is that each generation comes with its own personality traits and goals.

Berry Challenge

Not So Berry Challenge is an alternative to the Berry Challenge and in this challenge, all the sims have to forego their skin color change. This is a perfect challenge if you do not want your sims to be bright pink or blue in color. Moreover, both these challenges are a colorful twist to the Vanilla Legacy Challenge.

5. Runaway Teen Challenge

As the name suggests Runaway Teen Challenge, this challenge tells the story of a teen running away from home and all the trappings and situations that he has to face. This is a challenge that involves having a teen-only household.

Runaway Teen Challenge

In this challenge, interactions with adults are not permitted. Sims can interact with children and teenagers. Players have to move from lot to lot in order to settle down. Not just this, they also must skip school and the worse is that they can’t get a part-time job. They can get a job only when they are adults. Some of the ways that they can earn money before they get a job are by fishing, gardening, or even digging.

This challenge is all about building something from absolutely nothing. In other words, it is a rags-to-riches story.

6. Big Sister Challenge

Thanks to a patch, teen sims can live in the household without requiring an adult. What it means is that it can lead to a lot of challenging and storytelling opportunities and one among them is the Big Sister Challenge.

Big Sister Challenge

The most important rule of this challenge is to place a teen girl on a lot. And then you need to set a younger sibling to it which could be of any gender. The main aim of the challenge is to raise the child and create a home for the sibling. In order to meet this challenge, the teenage girl must have a Big Happy Family aspiration. Not just this, she as well as the younger sibling must have many traits.

This challenge is just right for any stories geared towards the sisterhood binds. It not only has some amazing drama potential but also heartwarming scenarios.

7. Dumpster Challenge

This is yet another intersting challenge and it is what it sounds. You have to buy a dumpster and set the household funds to zero. Once you do that your sim has to survive everything that a dumpster provides, inclusive of all food and funiture.

Dumpster Challenge

Apart from this, sims are not allowed to shower at the gym or use any other community lots for any other purpose. In short, anything and everything that your sims use must come from a dumpster. In other words, it is quite similar to a Homeless Challenge except for that it is more restrictive and has more limitations.

8. 100 Baby Challenge

This is a classic channel and it requires a single Sims to have 100 babies. There are a couple of variations of this channel. While some of such variations are easier, others make the task even more challenging.

100 Baby Challenge

One of the ways to make it more challenging is to stretch the challenge over a couple of generations with daughters continuing the legacy. One of the ways to make this even more challenging is to have just one child from one father. Moreover, as it is in the Black Window Challenge, your sims are not allowed a job in this challenge.

9. Black Widow Challenge

This challenge involves a lot of romance and money. What the players have to do in this challenge is that they have to make a young adult female sim and place her in a house. The catch is that she can’t do a job and all the money that she gets must come from her suitors.

In a nutshell, the goal of the challenge is to find and marry a male sim and it would be great if he is rich.

Black Widow Challenge

Let me explain the rules of this challenge and how it should be played:

  • First of all, set the lifespan of your sim to normal. After that create a sim that is a Young Adult and make her have 3 essential traits making her romantic, snobbish, and materialistic.
  • Move your sim into a lot or house
  • Now, the next step is to meet a sim and get married to him.
  • After getting married, have a dinner party in which you show to everyone that you are a great and happy couple. I must mention here that the dinner party must have at least a silver rating.
  • As the party ends, you need to find a new romantic interest and this is where things take a turn.
  • Once you find a new romantic interest, you have to get caught cheating by your husband and as you do so, both of you get into a fight.
  • Now, kill your husband and marry the new romantic interest.
  • After this, you have to inscribe on the tombstone – Name – Died by Black Widow
  • You need to repeat the same process again and again until you have 10 tombstones.

By the time, your sim gets through ten paramours, she is amazingly wealthy.

10. Legacy Challenge

It was one of the first challenges in The Sims community with the rules being rather simple. One sim must be the founder and created in Create-a-Sim. The challenge begins with moving the sim into the largest e,pty lot in the world. I must mention here that in this challenge, no cheats can be used, which is what makes it interesting.

Legacy Challenge

The founder sim must have kids which become the next generation. Like this, generations have to be added to the game and the challenge comes to an end when the tenth generation is born.

It is important to keep in mind that this challenge is often used as the foundation of other challenges in the game and it also tells the rags-to-riches story. As you reach the tenth generation and complete the challenge, you are likely to get a lot of rewards.

11. Asylum Challenge

This is another interesting challenge in which you pit Sims against themselves. In this challenge, you create an asylum and put five sims in it. What has to be common among these sims is that they have to have the Insane trait. Apart from this, they can have other random traits too. However, you must make sure that none of them has the Self-Assured trait.

Asylum Challenge

Now, you need to choose one sim to control. You need to get your sims to achieve their Aspiration and as they do so they can leave the asylum. Eventually, all of them have to leave the asylum to bring the challenge to an end.

12. Masterchef Challenge

As you can already make out, this challenge has its premise on the TV cooking show Masterchef. In this challenge, you need to create 5 sims that should be the contestants and three judges. At this point, I should make it clear that the judges must have at least a level five Cooking skill.

Furthermore, the contesting sims should not have any cooking skills and they are allowed to cook only on competition days.

Masterchef Challenge

Now, on the remaining days, the contestants are required to grow their own herbs that can use in their own dishes on competition days. Not just this, they can also hone their cooking skills through research. It is important to understand that they can do only do research to improve their cooking craft and actual cooking has to be done only on the day of the competition.

Eliminations occur only once a week. The contestant whose dish is of the lowest quality is eliminated.

13. Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

As you can make from the title itself, this challenge is also based on a TV reality show. The only difference is that it is not based on cooking skills but is focused on romance. What you need to do is create either a male or a female sim and give them 5 possible love interests. Furthermore, you need to move all these sims into a household and evict one sim every week. The sim that has the lowest romance score with the main Sim loses out every week in eliminations.

Bachelor Bachelorette Challenge

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

  • You can use The Sims 4;s dating system in this challenge
  • You can also create a lavish mansion for housing sims
  • You can also use vacation packs such as The Sims 4: Snowy Escapes to plan romantic vacations with contestants.

14. Big Brother Challenge

Well, this is the 3rd one in a row!

Yep! This challenge is also based on a TV show and this time it is the famous Big Brother.

Big Brother Challenge

As it is in the original game, you need to place a number of Sims in a single household and eliminate one Sim at end of each week. The sim that has the least friendship with other housemates is eliminated at the end of the week.

To make this challenge interesting, it is important to give all the Sims clashing and varying personalities.

One of the most fun parts of this challenge is to build a mansion that is worthy of being referred to as the Big Brother mansion.

15. Homeless Challenge

The Homeless Challenge, as the name suggests, involves creating a Sims that has no money or home. You need to remove all the money and make your sim rely on public facilities. The trickiest part of this game is to make your sim use public facilities and extremely limited funds that he has in the most creative way possible.

Homeless Challenge

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your homeless Sim can not get a job. However, he can earn some money through hobbies that could include fishing. collecting, and gardening. The challenge is completed when your Sim is wealthy enough to build a house of his own.

16. ISBI Challenge

When it comes to the most difficult challenges, the ISBI (I’m surrounded by idiots) challenge seems to be on top of the list. If you check out the feedback of simmers, you will find that it is just a handful of those that have actually been able to complete this challenge.

In this challenge, players have to go through ten generations of a family and they choose only one Sim to actively control throughout the game.

In this game, the Sim that you control or the Torch Holder must have at least 2 children and when playing with the Erratic rule, each of these kids must be given an Erratic trait at some or other point in time.

ISBI Challenge

As mentioned above, throughout this challenge, you can control only one Sim or the current Torch Holder. What it also means is that all the other sims enjoy complete autonomy and they can act as they like without any control from you. This is what makes things exciting and interesting since all the other sims are free to do or react in any way that they want to. When your chosen heir reaches YA, the “torch” gets passed on to him from your controlled sim or the Torch Holder and then he becomes the torch holder. It is also important to know that the former Torch Holder now reaches the land of autonomy and can no longer be controlled by you. However, there are some Free Action Exceptions to this rule.

Another rule of the challenge is that if a child is able to reach YA and is not your chosen heir, then he has to move out of the household.

The autonomy that other Sims have in this game is what makes it so difficult for most players.

17. Happy Sim Challenge

This is yet another hard challenge that seems to be rather simple on the face of it but can be really tough. In this challenge, as a player what you are required to do is make sure that your chosen sim never gets sad in his lifetime. Now, this is something that is easier said than done.

Happy Sim Challenge

In this challenge, your sim should not have to bear any negative moodlet throughout the gameplay. This can be a massive task especially when a lot of things happen that are beyond your control and may often make your sim feel dejected or sad.

18. Globetrotter Challenge

This is yet another hard challenge in The Sims 4. As a matter of fact, only a couple of challenges in The Sims 4 are actually as hard as this one.

Globetrotter Challenge

Here’s what a player needs to do in this challenge:

  • First and foremost, you need to create a young adult sim and move him/her to the first location. As you do so, you also give him a tent and set the funds to 0-50 simoleons.
  • The main aspirations of the sim must be completed during his round and the secondary aspirations have to be completed at least halfway before your sim gets to the next location.
  • It is important to keep in mind that your sim cannot travel to places that are outside of the world that you are playing in.
  • Once your sim has a tent (or a bed), a campfire (or a stove), a fridge, a bush (or a toilet), a shower, a sink, a counter, and a chair, he can apply for a part-time job and not before that. Not just this, you move your sim to the next location he has to quit his job. Your sim can also earn money by selling things that he found and created from his inventory and also from plopsy.
  • Another important rule of this challenge is that when your sim moves to a new location he can take one piece of furniture or tent with him. You need to sell all the other furniture. Moreover, your sim can carry all the collectibles and souvenirs that your sim found and put in his inventory with him to the next location.

19. Live The Farm Life Challenge

One of the most interesting mods of Sims 4 is the Cottage Living mod and it lets players enjoy farm life. Meeting this challenge can also be quite hard or tough.

Live The Farm Life Challenge

In this challenge, basically, all the rules of the Rags to Riches challenge need to be stuck to. In this challenge, your sims need to live off the land in the most extreme circumstances. Even though this challenge is quite hard, you can actually complete it with the help of the resources that are at your SIM’s disposal.

20. Rags To Riches Challenge

I have saved this one for the last since it happens to be one of the most popular challenges in The Sims 4. This challenge, as the name suggests, begins with your Sims being in the empty lot with no possessions or money at all.

Your sims have to sleep in public spaces and at their friend’s places before they can actually afford a house of their own. Even though it is quite a tough challenge to complete, most players find it highly exciting and interesting.

Rags To Riches Challenge

Here are some of the rules of this challenge:

  • You need to begin this challenge on 1,000 simoleons
  • No money cheats allowed
  • Your sims do not have a house in the beginning and as such, they have to start on an empty lot.
  • You cannot use the build ode to add beds or other utilities to public lots. It is important to keep in mind that such utilities should be used as they are.
  • Moreover, you can only stay at one of your friend’s houses and that too for just one day a week.
  • When it comes to the aging of the kids is concerned, you need to meet certain goals. For instance, your toddlers can grow up only when their skills are maxed.
  • Another interesting rule is that the Sims that you marry must also not have anything with them. If they have any possessions or money, they have to be removed before they can join you in the household.
  • You need to pay 500 simoleons to the ‘bank’ before starting to build a house.
  • You also need to pay 500 simoleons to the ‘bank’ before starting to build a garden.
  • You are allowed to do a job only when you have started to build a home.
  • You can build a garden only when your house is already under construction.
  • In order to massy a sim, you must either have a house already built or under construction.
  • You also have to pay for all the Sims weddings in your family.


I have tried to list some of the best Sims 4 challenges in this article. You must play and try to complete them to experience how exciting they can actually be. So, go ahead and give it a shot.

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