How To Write Songs In Sims 4

Making money through the entertainer career by being a musician is a really fun way to make money in the game and you can learn a ton of different instruments through that. Just like it is important to know how to do homework in Sims 4, or pay bills in Sims 4, it is imperative that you learn how to write songs in Sims 4. I’ll discuss another way to earn extra money in the game outside producing songs, which is through song licensing. So let’s begin!

Additional Way of Making Money: Getting Your Music Licensed

Another thing you may do to gain money is to license music and receive daily royalty payments. They will get up for up to a week after you license your music, but there is a catch: you can only license one song per instrument at a time. This implies that for example, you can only have one song composed on a piano out there in the world generating royalties at a time, and it cannot compound in the same way that revenues from Youtube videos, publishing books, and so on can.

All of this adds up to a large payment since you can only have one royalty payment at a time, which lasts a week, and then you may do another. This is a new type of system, which makes it more intriguing, but it does not offer as much potential for long-term profit.

The Route Plan To Composing Songs From Level 1 Of The Game:

If you’re reading this and want to start writing songs from Level 1, I regret to inform you that you will be unable to do so. But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the procedure from here. So, in Sims 4, you can’t make songs until you’ve reached level 8 of the guitar skill or another instrument, which might take a long time. The biggest advantage of this is that it makes Sims happy, so they will love doing it because there is nothing worse than talents that your Sims despise.

Leveling Up Using Cheat Mode:

I’m only going to expose you to cheat mode to help this procedure go a little faster. To enable cheat mode, press Ctrl + Shift + C. Once the mode is activated, type put testing cheats true and hit enter which is then going to give you a confirmation on the screen by displaying “Cheats are enabled”.

A cheat that you may utilize to help your Sims enhance their guitar talents or whatever instrument they are playing is stats.set_skill_level (space) major_guitar and Voila, you just gave your Sims level 8 of the guitar skill. So, as you can see on the screen, your Sim may now Write, Scrap, and Name songs, allowing them to quit practicing and eventually write a song.

Writing Songs

By clicking on the guitar, you will be taken to a list of several options to choose from and you will then select ‘Write Song,’. Given that your Sim is a female (for the sake of referring to her in the future text), she will only have access to ‘A Mournful Lament’ song at this moment, which is the only song she can currently produce on this level.

However, you need not worry since there are a few more to be unlocked at levels 9 and 10 of the guitar skill. It does take approximately 12ish hours to compose a song in Sims 4, which is a sort of time commitment that, in my view, is not worth the amount of money you will be making, and they can probably make more by doing things like painting or writing a book, but if creating songs is something that your Sims could love, then go for it.

Writing Songs

Fast forward to when the song finishes, when your Sim stops for a while and you go to ‘Write Song’ clicking on ‘A Mournful Lament’ will actually start a brand new song and let you start a new song which is something you should not do because the chances of you finishing your new song all-in-one go are pretty slim so you will have to come back to it more than once. What happens is that the music you already began will be waiting for you in your inventory, and you will only need to resume. You may also scrap them here if you don’t want to finish them.

Naming Songs

When your Sim has finished their song, a pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to name the song you just wrote and then select okay once you’ve named it. Since you cannot license the song when you compose it because you do not have enough skill points, your Sim may be able to send it out for licensing in the mailbox at level 9 to make a little more cash.

Once you’ve completed all of the steps up to this point, let your Sim play the instrument a little bit more to get to Level 9 so that you may license our music.

Licensing Songs

Your Sims has now attained Level 9 and can play some of the songs she has composed, on the mailbox, including the Mournful Lament song. You will head to her apartment building’s mailbox and click ‘License song’ to license the song you just created in Level 8.

After you finish licensing the music, your Sim will receive a royalty payment the next morning at 10 a.m. and they will keep receiving the payment for around a week, after which you will be able to write another song on the same instrument once a week’s payments are completed. The same music can be licensed several times, requiring you to re-engage with the mailbox each time the royalties cease arriving.

Licensing Songs

Your Sim could have gone and written a song on any other instrument, such as the piano if she was at level 8 of the piano skill, and she could have also licensed it. This implies you may double up and have multiple sorts of musical abilities that can assist your Sim while also earning money.


How long does it take to write a song in The Sims 4?

It takes approximately about 12 hours of continuous work for your Sim to write a song. You’re unlikely to finish your new song in one sitting, so you’ll have to return to it several times and the music you’ve already started will be waiting for you in your inventory so you’ll only need to resume. If you don’t want to finish them, you may scrap them here.

Why can’t I write songs on Sims 4?

Perhaps you do not have the necessary skill level for the instrument on which you wish to create the song. For example, if you are only on Level 1, you will need to move 7 levels up to compose a song by consistently playing that specific instrument, or you may utilize the cheat method outlined in my article ‘How to write songs in Sims 4’ to speed up the leveling up process.

How do you write a song in Sims 4?

To begin, advance to skill level 8 on the instrument on which you choose to compose your song. Click on the instrument and choose ‘Write Song,’ which will give you the option of writing a song called ‘A Mournful Lament’ in about 12 hours. Once completed, you may name your song and begin getting royalties the next morning. After you’ve reached Level 9, you may also license the song to make extra cash.


Making a song can definitely help you earn a lot more in Sims 4. I have listed the best ways on how to make a song in this game. Give it a try and I am sure you will love it!


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