How to Get Better at Fortnite – 18 Useful Tips

Since you are searching for How to get better at Fortnite, I can safely presume that you are struggling with this game, and let me tell you that you are not alone.

Let me also assure you that you have landed at the right place and you are likely to pick up some of the best tips to help play this game like a pro. Even though you might still need a lot of practice, what is certain is that you will become a better performer for sure.

How to Get Better at Fortnight?

Before I list out the best ways to get better at Fortnite, let’s have a look at some of the important basics of this game…

1. Fortnite Basics

First and foremost, you start your journey in a battle bus and you get off at any section of the map from where you wish to begin this adventurous game.

Here, I would like to point out that technically, you begin in Spawn Island which acts as a pre-game episode for you. The main idea is that you get familiar with weapon practice here. Not just this, you also acquaint yourself with building skills here.

It’s important to keep in mind that the weapons you use in Fortnite cannot be carried with you when the actual action starts. As soon as the timer gets up, the player has to load up the battle bus and get ready to drop off at one of his preferred locations.

Some people prefer getting down at secluded spots while some prefer getting down in areas that have a decent or good population.

fortnite safest landing spots

Uncrowded spots give you a better chance of survival and some of such spots may include the following:

  • The Motel to The West of Anarchy Acres
  • The Watchtower North of The Wailing Woods.
  • The Pool Near The Tilted Towers.
  • The Moisty Mire.
  • Snobby Shores.
  • The Hidden Tunnel Near Tomato Town.
  • South-East of Dusty Depot

So, if you are someone looking for a secluded spot you can choose any of the above-mentioned places to drop off and begin your game.

The Play Zone

If you have played PUBG, and I am assuming that you already have, you will find that the play zone has a lot of similarities with this game. The area wherein you can play the game is called the STORM and as the Storm Eye closes in, you are expected to get in combat with another player.

It is worth mentioning here that you come out of the STORM or the playable area, you are likely to lose your health slowly but surely.

Mentioned above are just a few basics of this game but what actually do you need to get better at Fortnite?

Well, in a nutshell, there are three things that are of great importance and these include:

  • Good aiming – You should be able to handle your weapons and aim accurately with them. In other words, you need to develop your shooting skills.
  • Good Building Skills – You need to know how to be a perfect builder. Of course, you get better with practice.
  • Knowing Your Map Well – Being familiar with the map comes in really handy when advancing in the game.

Now, that you are aware of the basics, let me list out some of the best ways to improve your skill as a player in this game:

2. Pracitce is the Mantra!

Practicing Fortnite

Let me begin by saying that there’s no substitute for hard work. In other words, if you want to ace your game, you need to practice more. There’s no shortcut to success!

If you want to succeed, there lot more than than you need to spectate your friends in Fortnite. As a matter of fact, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is start playing this game day and night!

You need to keep in mind that the best players out there didn’t get their expertise by playing this game at leisure. They must have spent hours and hours playing this game, improving their skill each and every time.

Even though some people might claim to be natural experts who can ace any game, I don’t believe in this phenomenon. In order to master the game, you have to give it time and lots of it!

It s should come as a surprise that both Ninja and Tfue have spent more than 1000 hours playing this game. Now, it is quite possible that you might never become experts like these guys but with every extra hour that you spend playing this game, you will improve your skill at it, and eventually, you will be much better at it than many other players around the world.

That is when the real fun begins!

3. How About Some Warm Up?

Warm Up

If you think you as a beginner can outclass other players, you might be in for a rude shock. There’s absolutely no way you can dominate the game by getting straight into a duel and this is where a lot of guys falter. What you need to be aware of is that even the pros know the importance of a warm-up before they get into high-stake duels.

So far so good!

But how do you actually warm up?

Well, this is where the creative mode comes into play. Here you can get access to a lot of custom pamps created by the players themselves and you can use them to get a perfect and much-needed warm-up.

Just playing for about 15-20 minutes before the actual game, is likely to make a lot of difference and I can really bet on that!

4. How and At What Place Should You Drop?

fortnite best place to drop

Even though regular players gain expertise and can drop off at any location where they want, beginners should pay a lot of attention to where they get off and drop on the map.

One of the preferred areas on the map for drop-off is Retail Row. And one of the more crowded spots is Lazy Lake. Both these places have a lot of players and great loot.

Now, these places can be great to make a start and you can really improve your combat skills by landing in these places.

Having said that, the timing of your landing is also crucial. If you are late by just as much as 10 seconds, all the players are likely to grab a larger share of the loot leaving you with more or less nothing to grab.

Thus, you must try to land before anyone else does and the big question is How do you do that?

Here are some things to considers:

  • If the location where you want to drop is at the start of the route then you should drop straight down and try to deploy your gloder very late.
  • On the other hand, if the location is a bit far, then its best to drop at a distance of about four to five hunder meters from the battlebus. In such a case, you may deplay the glider when you are about 100-150 m away from the location.

I would also like to mention that it is quite difficult to pinpoint a single location where you should drop because the map keeps on changing with seasons.

Having said that, some of the most preferred areas for drop-off include Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake, and Sweaty Sands since these areas are abundant in terms of loot. Misty Meadows and Pleasant Park are some of the other areas that are preferred by a lot of players for a drop-ff.

5. Stock on Consumables

fortnite consumables

Consumables play their own role in your journey as a player in the game and you need to stock up on them as much as possible.

As you advance and move ahead on the map you are likely to find various consumables scattered at different locations. Some of these could include shield potions, slurp juice, bandages, and a medkit. Not just this, you should also be aware of when to use them in the game and when to stock up on them.

With a mini shield potion, you are likely to get a 25 point boost whereas a large shield potion may help you get as much as 50 points.

Slurp juice is another vital consumable that can help increase your health and also boost the shield by 25 points.

While playing squads or duos, shield potions prove to be highly useful since they can be used by your teammates to revive you in case you are down and out. Not just this, they can also be a great help in having your shield up to save you from the coming onslaught.

In the event of you getting caught the STORM, you should use bandages and medkit to get healed fully.

6. Knowing The Best Weapons

Best Weapon

Knowing your weapons is extremely important in this game if you really want to be ahead of your competitors. Thus, it is in your interest to know that complete Fortnite weapons tier list so that you know which weapons you should grab as soon as you get a chance which weapons or guns you should be better off without them being in your arsenal.

This is a game in which you pick up weapons randomly throughout the map. Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that if you happen to pick up an epic or a legendary gun in one game, there are few chances that you would be able to pick them up in the next game. This is only possible if you kill a player and grab his weapons.

One weapon that I would recommend in a lot of Fortnite guides for beginners is the Burst Assault Rifle. Even though it isn’t the best of the lot, it is one weapon that you can actually master very quickly and of course, it comes with great accuracy.

Now, people that are great fans of Scar or SMGs would not agree with me on this. I am also of the opinion that both of these are great weapons but it is not easy to master their bullet spread. You need a lot of practice with these guns in order to become an ace shooter.

In order to better understand which weapons can help you get a winning edge, you should check out the Fortnite Weapons Tier list by clicking here.

7. Practice With Every Gun You Can

Play with different Guns

This game is all about practice and clearing your hand on as many guns as possible is the best thing you can do.

What you need to remember is that in a battle royale game weapons or guns are randomly generated and you cannot survive if you stick to just one gun. What it means is that you need to practice shooting with as many guns as possible so that you can be really good at combat and have the ability to indulge in a face-off with even the best and most experienced players.

8. Consider Ramps to be your Best Friends

There’s no way you can undermine the importance of ramps in this game, but what exactly are these ramps?

Let me explain…

Ramps are an essential part of the building that you build with the help of wood collected from trees. These ramps are important since they are a perfect way to reach higher grounds as quickly as possible and they can help you get an edge over your enemies.

There are a couple of ways you can build ramps in this game. You can either build them with wood or reinforce them with floors and walls to ensure far better support. In a nutshell, ramps provide good cover from your opponents.

Building ramps is a skill that you would want to master in this game. Once you know how to build a single ramp, you should move ahead and try learning how to build a double ramp side by side. Once you ace the technique of building ramps, you should be able to take down your opponents from the higher ground with quite an ease.

9. Get a Good Laptop

If you want to ace this game, you must try to get a good enough laptop that can help you play the game smoothly. If your laptop does not conform to the recommended system requirements for Fortnite, then you are not going to run the game properly, forget about winning it.

In other words, the importance of a good laptop cannot be underestimated if you want to get better at Fortnite.

There are various brands, each vying for the top spot. Some of them are for those who do not mind paying more and there are some good budget options as well. There are some good choices for those seeking laptops that can run Fortnite at 144 fps too.

10. Choose Keybinds and Stick to Them

Best Keybinds for Fortnite

In your quest on how to run Fortnite on your PC successfully, the next step that you need to take is to find a set of keybinds that you deem will work for you and since you decide upon them, stick to them.

This can be compared to your muscle memory and prove handy in improving your response time. If you change your binds frequently, you will be slower in your response and will never build up speed.

The same thing holds true even for your sensitivity. When you are putting in so much effort and time you should not be adjusting things or settings every now and then. Your aim should be to select them once and for all so that you don’t spend time adjusting to any changes whatsoever, every now and then. This is going to save time and with better familiarity, you are likely to perform better too. Have a look at the fixes if your mouse lag at Fortnite.

11. Winning Should Not Be Your Priority

Win Fortnite

We all love to win and we all play to win and initially, your focus should be on trying to learn and ace the game rather than winning it.

Winning is important but what I am trying to say is that going for a win right in the beginning, is perhaps the worst way to start if you want to improve your skill.

Your strategy should be to go to less populated areas and also take on fewer fights. Try to go for the camp areas and scale your way up to the top 5. From there on, you can continue on your camp and also get involved in a one-to-one fight giving you a better chance to win. Even though this will increase the time to win in the game, it will definitely improve your skill as a player.

12. Try Semi Populated Areas

Grabbing a weapon and learning to use it properly needs time and effort. If you land in highly populated areas and pick up fights too often, you have all the chances of getting eliminated even before you get the chance to grab your weapon.

In such a case, you are hardly learning anything!

Hence, the need to land in some semi-populated areas so that you are in a duel you have enough time to grab not just a weapon but a few shields as well.

At the same time, you must avoid areas that are too far away from the bus path since they are sparsely populated and you seldom get into fights in such areas.

The key to improving your skill is to take on fights but not so many that you are simply overwhelmed and get destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Another thing I would like to mention here is that you should also avoid brand new areas on the map because such areas have a lot of people landing on them and most of such people act crazy in the early game.

13. Learn to Build

Build in fortnite

While learning to aim is important in this game, it is equally important to build especially for beginners.

Every time that you get shot, you need to put up a wall or throw up a ramp. The logic is simple. These alls and ramps are your protection.

In your battle against someone else, ramps are a perfect defense that helps in blocking any shots coming at you. It is also important to keep in mind that since you get close to your opponent, it is important for you to build yourself above him.

Not just this, if you are trying to heal up after a fight, then also you need a wall to protect yourself.

Just as important it is to build, editing is also crucial for winning. The second thing on your list should be how to master editing and the best part is that there are specific maps where you can hone your editing skills.

14. Keep Gathering Resources

Fortnite Resources

Want another tip on how to get better at Fortnight?

Here you go…

Since your aim is to build more and more you would need as many resources too. Thus, you must try to gather as many resources as possible.

Thus, when moving towards an area what you should be collecting are wood and bricks that you will find so useful later on in the game.

Once you are in a battle you would be surprised to find how quickly you are cycling through these resources and you should make it a point that you almost never ever run out of resources since that is going to leave you completely exposed without any protection from your opponent’s shots.

15. Try To Avoid Fall Damage

Fortnite Falling

This is a simple point that is often overlooked by most players. What you need to keep in mind is that fall damage can be a massive blow to your health and you must try to avoid it as much as you can.

In order to get down from a higher point quickly, you must use the ramp. Stairs are another option that you can use but they can be slower than the ramp.

16. Use Your Pickaxe Instead of Ammo

Use Pickaxe Instead of Ammo

When collecting materials such as metal or wood, your pickaxe should be the tool that you choose. One of the reasons a lot of people do not use a pickaxe is because it happens to be lower but using it is always better than wasting your ammunition.

Similarly, if you are stuck in a building and want to break it down, you must avoid using your gun. Pickaxe can help you save all those precious gun magazines and also happens to be much quieter.

17. Take Stock of Your Playing Skills

Taking stock of your playing skills is also very important. Every time you get killed, you need to figure out why you were slain. You just don’t have to accept it as your opponent’s victory over you but need to analyze where you went wrong and also earmark the areas that you could improve upon when it comes to combat.

By taking care of your shortcomings in the game, you can actually go a long way in improving your game.

18. Take a Much Deserving Break

Every now and then it is important to take a step back and restart again after a break. So, if you are tired of playing long hours, just take a break and breathe out.

Now, this break could be for a few minutes or even a couple of days or weeks. You need to clear your mind and get back to the game when you think you are ready to restart.

After all, this is a game and you should be able to enjoy it!


Why I am not getting better at Fortnite?

Lack of practice is one of the biggest reasons. Secondly, if you are heading for too many battles with your opponents you are leaving yourself with little or no time to learn how to ace the game. Take it slow and try to learn things as they come your way.

How long does it take to get good at Fortnite?

It’s going to take thousands of hours to get good at this game. If you look at the ace players, they have all spend more than 1000 hours playing this game. The old adage Practice maketh a man perfect holds true in this case as well.

What happens when you reach level 100 Fortnite?

With Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass, players are actually able to get beyond level 100 and as they do so they unlock bonus reward points at certain milestones.


Fortnite is a game that I personally love but mastering it takes a lot of effort. I am sure if you follow the advice given in this article, you would be able to improve your game.

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