How To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is the basic building block of any building in the game. It plays a significant role in adding an alluring look to any of your buildings. Since Minecraft is a game for creative heads – the element of the colorful and decorative concrete is just evidence of it. It has a diversified variety of colors adding spark to the outcomes. In this, article, I have tried to explain how to make concrete in Minecraft, and how to achieve colorful concretes too. It is as interesting and exciting as building a laptop in Minecraft or maybe even, changing username in Minecraft.

So without taking any more of your time, let’s see how it’s done.

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft – Things Required

But I spill the beans, you need to know what all things are required to make concrete and from where they can be brought. More importantly, I would like to mention your laptop must confirm to Minecraft System Requirements for you to build a laptop without any glitches.

So, here you go:

Things You Need to Make Concrete in Minecraft:

  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • Sand
  • Dye
  • Source of water

Before beginning with the process to make the concrete, let’s gather all the prerequisites and know where to find them.

Things Required to make a concrete in Minecraft


Gravel can easily be obtained from beaches or in the vicinity of ponds. Gravel usually covers surfaces like the bottom of frozen ocean biomes or frozen mountains. You will have to use a tool to harvest the gravel.

I recommend you use a shovel for this purpose, as it is the best choice compared to other tools. You will only be needing 4 blocks for the purpose – hence you need to fetch 8 concrete powder blocks.


Sand can be found at desert biomes, near to the water areas like beaches, lakes, or rivers. You will be needing only 4 of them, so fetching them won’t be a problem. You can use a shovel for this purpose.


You need to choose your desired color before picking the dye. For the color of the dye, you have an arsenal of options. You can pick from purple, green, cyan, blue, light blue, brown, black, light grey, magenta, red, orange, grey-white, purple, and many more. All of these colors can be obtained by selling, crafting or even smelting. Each color has its own method!

Water Source:

You have multiple options when it comes to solidifying the concrete powder, by exposing it to almost all water sources, excluding a few of them like water bottles or rain.

Once you have gathered all the required materials, it is time to make concrete in Minecraft.

Steps To Make Concrete in Minecraft?

Step 1: First, you need to open the crafting table. You have to do this, so you can have a 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2: Now place the gravel. You will have to place 4 gravel blocks in the last 3 blocks of the last column. Meanwhile, no gravel block will be placed in the middle row’s, last cell. Now you will have the last row filled, and the middle row partially filled.

Step 3: Now place the sand just like you have placed the gravel blocks in step 2. The sand will be placed in the two boxes leftover in step 2. The remaining 2 blocks of sand will fill up the first row, excluding one last box only.

Steps To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Step 4: The one left empty cell will be the position of the dye, chosen by you. If you have done everything right, a stack of 8 concrete blocks will appear on the screen.

Step 5: You will finally achieve a concrete powder block. Transforming powder block is easy. You will have to expose the power to any water source and it will turn into hardened concrete. From being all dull and grainy, it will turn into a bright and smooth solid figure.

Step 6: Now is the time to mine the concrete box. You can mine it with a pickaxe. If you wish to decorate it, you can opt for strong colors so that it looks visually appealing.

And you are finally done!

Getting a Hold of Colorful Concretes in Minecraft

Who doesn’t like colorful and vivid concretes in the game? Getting your favorite Minecraft color shouldn’t be a wish to fulfill. I have listed below the perfect way to make white, black, and grey concrete color recipes:

How to get black color concrete in Minecraft?

Search for the squid in the game. It can be found near water like rivers and oceans.

Then murder the squid!

Once the Squid is murdered, you will get an Ink Sac. Repeat the entire process again, but put down the Ink Sac in the centre. This ink sac will help you achieve the black color powder.

And just like the regular procedure, expose powder to a water source – and that’s it!

How to get white concrete in Minecraft?

Find the skeletons and kill them to get the bone meal. You may also use the lily of the valley to get the color. White color can be extracted from the flower forest biome. Once you have the white powder, repeat the entire process of exposing it to the water source. You will ultimately get the white color stone.

How to get black color concrete in Minecraft

How to get grey color concrete in Minecraft?

Grey is a combo of white and black. Hence, you will have to use the Ink Sac, you extracted above. And for the white color, you will have to use the white color you got from the bone meal. Procure ink sac and bone meal. Blend both colors i.e. ink sac and bone meal in the crafting window.

Again, expose the colored powder to the water. You will get the grey color concrete.

How to get grey color concrete in Minecraft

This colorful concrete will add more to its style. Your upcoming builds will be more stylish and attractive. With these colorful concretes, you will be able to have a fun-filled and colorful Minecraft world of yours.

I expect that you must have understood the procedure to craft concrete in the game. Get as creative as you can with these colors.

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